129 A New Life



Luke and I woke up late, so we had to rush to prepare for breakfast. Chloe and James were peaceful babies, and even though they had nannies, we checked on them at night to ensure they were alright. They were a blessing. Paul was growing well too. Doctor Khalifa had said his heart was now in good shape, and he could do whatever he wanted, which was great news. Our lives were back on track. Diamond corp was running again, and we had entered a highly beneficial trade agreement with Santa Braee, which was bound to help our poor territories improve. Everything was moving fine. We were at the peak of our happiness, and I was grateful to the goddess for the bliss.

Luke and I got ready and arrived at the lounge. Alpha Aesop and Stacy were there. They usually got there before everyone. He had trimmed his beard and hair. He also gained some weight and stopped wearing Pyjamas to breakfast. Grandaunt Ummul was there with her caregiver. Aunty Amirah was missing, and I did no
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What an awesome book! Loved it from start to the end!...️ Is their a 2nd book?... Keep up the writing.
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Karima Sa'ad Usman
Thank you, Georgann. I really appreciate your support.
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Georgann Smith
Thank you so such a wonderful journey. I have never spent this much on books but it was worth it.
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