Chapter 9

We decide to watch some movies downstairs.

'Can we make some popcorn first?' I ask.

'Sure, I'll make it while you pick a movie.' I flick through the list. There are so many to choose from that I can't decide. I close my eyes and press play on a random movie. Ryker sits close beside me, holding a large bowl of salty, buttery popcorn.

'What are we watching?' He asks.

'I'm not sure. I couldn't decide, so I closed my eyes and picked a random movie.'

'That's cute,' he smiles. I giggle. Then, the movie starts, turning out to be a scary horror film. I have my face in Ryker's shoulder halfway through it, too frightened to watch the spooky parts anymore.

'You can hold my hand if you're scared,' he says. I laugh.

'You wish!' I laugh.

'I wish,' he says, grinning. I smile back at his confidence and jump in fright when the monster appears on the screen, out of nowhere, capturing and killing the human who tried to get away.

'Aww, baby. Did the monster scare you?' Ryker asks as he swings my le
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Comments (4)
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Bambino Ogunle
why do I have to do stuffs after each chapter?
goodnovel comment avatar
Deborah Aday Vipon
Enjoying the book immensely
goodnovel comment avatar
Jodi Gonzalez
The alpha mate that cried wolf is a very good book

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