Chapter 11

Last night was awful. I wasn't able to get much sleep. I got up early before sunrise and headed downstairs to the kitchen to make myself breakfast. Entering, I freeze for a moment as Alice is there, cutting up fruit. Alice pauses and looks up to see me. She becomes angry, and the knife in her handshakes.

'Good morning, Alice,' I say politely. She growls in a warning.

'I'm just going to get myself something to eat, and then I'll be gone,' I say.

'Permanently, I hope,' she mutters.

'Alice, I get you're upset, but I planned none of this. I didn't even know werewolves existed until recently. Maybe if we get to know each other, we might come to tolerate each other. Maybe even be friends,' I say. I yelp when her knife flies past my face and into the wall.

'I will never be your friend, and you will never be my Luna! Mark my word, Vanessa will become the Luna of Shadow Crest! I suggest you save yourself from the hurt and leave now. Because I can assure you, you won't live to see your eight
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Bella Jersey
Astrid honey this such a mistake. I can feel it in my bones
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Zama Nonhle Chiliza
I love the book that you keep us in suspense for to long that it get frustrating to read the same thing that already read the previous page or chapter

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