Chapter 13

I can barely sleep. Ryker is on my mind all night. I'm apprehensive and nervous about my first shift in four days. After a yawn and a stretch, I get dressed, make the bed, and go downstairs to the dining room for breakfast. A few members are already at the table eating, Amelia is one of them.

'Good morning, Astrid,' she says.

'Good morning, everyone,' I say, sitting next to Amelia. The other ladies smile.

'You'll have to tell me all about Shady Crest,' I tell Amelia.

'Alpha Zenith is obviously our Alpha,' she giggles.

'Yep. I think I got that.' I chuckle.

'We train here daily, including she-wolves. Alpha Zenith likes to keep our reputation intact. We're the strongest pack, and he wants us prepared if another pack becomes a threat so that we can take them out. His eldest son James hasn't found his mate yet. Alpha Zenith has one in mind. He won't say who just yet, but says he will only settle for the strongest she-wolf, as James will eventually take over as Alpha,' she explains.

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Bella Jersey
I hope Astrid can save herself
goodnovel comment avatar
Bella Jersey
Zenith knows Astrid I’d white wolf
goodnovel comment avatar
I don’t want Astrid working for this Zenith guy.

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