Chapter 14

I discard my heels and run in my tights as fast as possible.

'Get her boys!' Zenith yells. John and James shift and chase me in their wolf forms. I run through the trees and slip, rolling down a rocky hill.

My hair is messy, with leaves and twigs sticking out at many angles. I continue to run.

'Ryker!' I scream at the top of my lungs. Someone hazardously throws me down. I kick and punch them as hard as I can. A hand covers my mouth. The weight of a body holds me down. He is completely naked now, in his human form.

'Shh... shh,' James whispers, stroking my face. I can't free myself. My movements are futile.

'Stop trying to fight me,' he whispers. Tears roll down my cheeks.

'Consummating the pairing already?' John laughs.

'Fuck off, John,' he says to his brother.

'Why did you scream out for Ryker?' James asks. He slowly removes his hand, and I spit in his face. John laughs.

'You better put her in her place before Dad does, James! You know he won't tolerate her treating you like th
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Comments (5)
goodnovel comment avatar
I think she is definitely going to escape somehow but idk I hope they don’t mark her down there that is so awful
goodnovel comment avatar
Bella Jersey
We are taking Amelia with us
goodnovel comment avatar
Nicole Schave
This story line is good but the writing is irritating me

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