Chapter 15

Alpha Ryker

I'm excited about spending the day with Astrid. Every day, she trusts me more and more. She is thankfully adjusting to werewolf life. After my shower, I knock on her door. There's no answer. I knock again.

'Astrid, are you awake?' I open the door. Her bed is neat and creaseless. She hasn't slept in it. Strange. I knock on the ensuite door. She isn't there either. One of her drawers is open. Inside, Astrid's clothes are strewn about. She must have been in a hurry. My stomach sinks. Her bag is gone. I sprint downstairs to the dining room. Seth and Mia are at the table with Kane, Hayley, and Vanessa. They all stand as I enter.

'Has anyone seen Astrid?' I ask. They shrug and say they haven't.

'Is she still asleep?' Mia asks.

'No, she isn't there, and her bag is gone too,' I say in a panic.

'Ryker, I'm sure she's around somewhere. I'll mind-link the pack to keep an eye out for her,' Seth suggests. I call out for Astrid, running through the house, searching every room and en
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Bella Jersey
I think Ryder is in trouble himself
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america espinoza
Why cant i read past chapter 16????

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