Chapter 18

Alpha Zenith

'I'm going to tell you a story, Astrid. And you're going to listen to every word,' he says. I glare at him but give him my full attention because I know he can make me listen if he has to, and I've been through enough.

'Twenty-two years ago, Moonstone Crest was the strongest pack around. They hosted an annual mating ceremony, where packs would be invited from all around the world to potentially find their mates.'

'Unexpectedly, my pack, Shady Crest, had been invited. Unfortunately, my father was the Alpha and did not get along with the Alpha of Moonstone Crest. My father was willing to put his hatred for Alpha Bane aside, though, as he hoped I'd find my mate there. I could finally take over as Alpha if I did.'

'We attended the mating ceremony, and it was a spectacular event. However, not long after arriving, I smelled the most alluring scent I had ever smelled before - vanilla and honey. I followed the scent to no avail. I didn't understand why my mate's scent kept disapp
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