Chapter 29

We arrive at the car.

‘I’ll mind-link Alpha Ryker and let them know we have Nina and that we are safe.’

I open the back passenger door—Gianna steps in, then Nina. May sits in the front. My heart rate increases as I get to sit next to Nina. I unzip the bag at my feet and pass out a bottle of water to everyone. Nina and Gianna scull the water down before I hand them snacks. They moan as they eat the food, especially Gianna. She eats a packet of chips, a muesli bar and three chocolate bars.

‘This is so good. I’ve never had food like this before, not even when I was at the orphanage.’ She says with her mouth full of food.

‘We will get you a proper meal when we reach the next town.’ Leon says to her while adjusting the rear-view mirror.

As we reach the town, we park outside the diner. We raced inside, causing a lot of attention from the diners and staff. We sit at the nearest table and wave the waitress over. She takes the pen from behind her ear and the notepad from her pocket.

‘What woul
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