Chapter 30

As soon as the sun rose, Leon came out to the car.

‘You look worse every time I see you, Magnus.’

‘Are the girls ready to go? I want to get out of here.’ I say, ignoring his observations of me.

‘Yeah, I’ll tell them to hurry it up.’

‘Good.’ I say and sit in the front passenger’s seat.

The girls climb in the back, talking to one another as I stare out the front window. I pull the visor in front of me down and slide the panel across, exposing the small mirror. Leon wasn’t wrong when he commented about my appearance. The bags under my eyes have only gotten bigger and darker. I notice May give Nina a look and gesture her head at me. She was hinting to Nina to say something to me. Nina glares at May, shakes her head no, and looks out the side window, avoiding me.

Leon enters the driver’s seat and puts the radio on to break the silence.

May sings along to half the songs throughout the day. We stop for petrol and Leon buys snacks for everyone while we are there. The girls tell Leon they are
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