Chapter 33

Nina takes a step back, putting distance between us.

‘Why would you do that to me? Why would you put a curse on me, Magnus?’ she yells.

‘She is cursed?’ someone yells.

Nina looks at me with tear-filled eyes and a look of anger and hurt in her eyes.

‘Well, that’s one less thing I don’t have to tell.’ Hank says.

Nina and I glare at him. ‘Nina has a curse that affects your dear future, Alpha. He can’t shift naturally without severe pain, as you all know, but you don’t know it’s because of her curse!’ he shouts and points to Nina.

Everyone glares and point at Nina.

‘No, leave her alone! It’s not her fault.’ I say, pulling Nina behind my back.

‘I have the proof that Nina is not what she seems. She has no wolf because she is a witch and cursed you, future Alpha.’ he shouts and points a remote up, pressing a button. The projection screen shows a video of Nina and me and the lake earlier today. Nina is casting spells.

There is a sudden uproar of pack members and people from other packs yellin
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