Chapter 35

We sit by the fire and keep warm. I lay on my back and looked up at the stars. Nina lies on her back next to me.

'I miss my mum and dad.' Nina says.

'I miss my family, too.'

'Would you believe I'm even missing May?'

'You, miss May? Never.' I smile.

'What if it's months or years until we ever see them again?'

'We have each other. You and me now against the world until I find my mate.' I sigh.

'Yeah.' Nina frowns and stands up. 'I'm going to go for a walk.'

'I'll come.'

'No, please stay. Some time to myself is what I need. I won't go far. I promise.' She says with sadness.

'Oh, okay.'

I watch as she wanders further into the darkness of the woods. Why did she become so sad suddenly? She is going through a lot, having no wolf, a curse, and a witch hunt after her. I wish I could hold her, smell her mint and lavender hair, and tell her everything will be okay. If I could choose my fated mate, I would select Nina in a heartbeat.

Nina returns with red puffy eyes. She has been crying.

'Are you
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