Chapter 73

Talon watches, intrigued, as the werewolves shift into their wolf forms while my father and brothers shift into their Lycans. Talon gestures for me to climb onto his back. I wrap my arms around his neck as he holds my legs. Together with the pack, we run forward for many hours until we meet the coven of vampires awaiting us.

‘Lord Talon, Lady Lylah.’ All the vampires say, bowing as they greet us.

Nadia and Soren approach and stand by our sides as if to guard us. I look over at my father and nod to indicate we’re ready. We head in the direction of the mountain we last saw Lord Atticus. It becomes dark very suddenly before we even approach the mountain. Hundreds of black whisps whip by us and then circle us. They are extremely fast, and I know exactly what they are. ‘Blood Dwellers.’ I mutter under my breath.

‘He’s here!’ Talon shouts, warning everyone.

‘I see you brought the entire coven and even the wolves to watch you pledge your allegiance to me, along with my dinner.’ Lord Atticus
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