Chapter 7

He walked her back into the hall toward the center of the building, his stride long and indomitable, his arm wrapped tightly around her waist. His touch should have warmed her . . . well, hell, it did. But for all of the wrong reasons. She craved more of his touch, at the same time resenting the implication. He was her captor, her new zookeeper; her blood sizzled.

When they walked past the nurses’ station, a woman wearing polka-dot scrubs spoke on the phone, her eyes wide. “The patient is missing?”

His jaw tight, Caleb hurried Diana toward the door past the station.

The woman said, “Wait! Sir! Miss!”

He hit the door with his shoulder and yanked Diana outside into the crisp, cold air. Grabbing her up in his arms, he ran for the black SUV parked curbside.

Gray-haired Argos tugged the door open.

“Argos,” she said under her breath, the pleasure at seeing him overshadowed by the realization that the pack was returning her to Ragnar. She clenched her teeth.

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