Chapter 8

Diana stroked her bottom against Caleb's raging arousal, triggering an undeniable lust for the woman he'd coveted endlessly.

“Damn it, Diana, stop it.” To still her actions, he tightened his hold on her waist, the insatiable urge to take her filling him with feral aggression.

“I can’t help it. Your scent and your touch are driving me nuts,” she growled.

“You only say that because you want me to let you go, but I don’t trust you.”

Ignoring him, she pressed herself hard against him, challenging him to mate.

No human or lupus garou bitch boasted the same alluring scent as Diana. Taking a deep breath, he drank in her wild fragrance, a heady aphrodisiac compelling him to mate with her against all common sense. He nuzzled his face in her silky red hair, making the attraction stronger, not controlling his behavior as he should.

Caleb ran his hand over Diana's side, down the gentle curve of her hip, to her inner thigh. She parted her legs for him, and he groaned wi
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