Chapter 9

“You’re not worried about them, are you? We left the zoo and then ended up at the hospital and now here. They won’t be able to follow me.”

“The news will carry the story about your hospital stay and subsequent disappearance. The mystery woman found in the wolf’s pen, without clothes, the disappearance of the red wolf, and most likely my description, too. If the red who targeted you is a pack leader, no one would cross him. So he’d know I was from out of town,not a member of his pack.”

“He was young, your age . . . early twenties, small. He wouldn’t be a leader.”

“Reds are smaller.” He wasn’t dismissing the fact that they could have more trouble than they bargained for—first zoo man Thompson, then the cops, and now a pack of red wolves.

“Besides, Caleb, I am selecting my mate.”

“That’s what this is all about? You want to choose instead of a male choosing you?” His voice sounded as incredulous as he felt.

“This is all about not wanting to be Ragnar's mate. Do
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