Chapter 38

The sound of Ragnar's howl nearly made Diana's heart stop. Caleb’s ears pulled back and he narrowed his eyes. His tail pointed straight out, parallel to the ground. Undoubtedly, he sensed the added danger when he caught the sound, too.

It just couldn’t be Ragnar. Not when Caleb had so many reds to fight. Diana continued to recline on the ground, pretending not to be bothered, to show Caleb that she believed in him with all of her heart. But she couldn't smooth down the hair standing erect on the nape of her neck or tail. She couldn’t relax her tail, fixed straight as a spear, her body on full alert, ready to react if Ragnar made a sudden appearance.

Then she reminded herself that she had her gun and it could give him a lot of heartburn for a while.

Ross ran toward Caleb with his teeth bared. Fire burned in the depths of his brown eyes. Caleb responded , his leg and back muscles moving like a waterfall, fluid and powerful. Grabbing Ross by the throat, he snapped his nec
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