I continued with my punishment the next day, immediately after I got to school, and started picking dirt that littered the whole school.

I saw no sign of Athena and I least cared about where she was, I wasn't going to report that she didn't partake of the punishment. It was completely none of my business.

I finished my task by noon after everyone had gone back to class during break making sure I was not the center of attention by everyone, and headed straight to the class, feeling tired and exhausted.

Everyone was chattering and making noise and when they noticed my presence they all got quiet staring at me while they whispered among themselves, I ignored them and began making my way towards my seat.

I glanced to the side and saw Athena sitting on her seat, with her legs crossed on her table and her three friends laughing and speaking with her as she smirked at me while I annoyingly dragged my gaze from her face and went to my seat.

I got to my seat and the terrible sight got me choked and angry.

Someone just broke an egg on my seat and desk and stained it with the egg white and York, making it disgusting to look at and smell.

I wondered how they even managed to stay in the class with this kind of mess.

Honestly, some bullies could be so dumb and daft at times doing kinds of stuff that will be inconvenient to themselves but will still do it just to hurt the victim.

I turned my gaze back to Athena who was staring at me from her seat as a mischievous smirk crept on her lips while her minions were laughing and chuckling irritatingly as they stared at me, I felt the urge of punching the gut out of that stupid face of theirs.

'Jade, just calm down and act like it didn't happen,' My mind begged as I sighed and glanced back to my seat.

Without saying anything, I made my way towards the door when I bumped and crashed into someone's chest which was hard as a rock, my glasses almost fell off my face as I supported them with my hands.

'Jeez! Did this person wear steel armor or what?' I thought, scrunching up my face as I adjusted my glasses on the bridge of my nose, inhaling the alluring cologne of the person.

“You should look where you are going to,” A deep, familiar voice advised, making me look up to see Kayden staring down at me with those lovely blue eyes of his.

I wanted to apologize to him for bumping into him, but only got furious when his crazy girlfriend was the one who caused all the mess on my desk.

I frowned at him, “Excuse me!” I said guttural, I tried to brush past him when I tripped thinking my poor face was about to crash on the ground I closed my eyes in fear anticipating what was about to happen when I realized a pair of strong arms wrapped firmly around my waist bringing me up.

Slowly, I opened my eyes, realizing Kayden was the one who saved me from such a disaster. It felt as if the world paused as Kayden and I stared intensely in our eyes, each of us drowning in each other melting gazes as my heart began to hammer loudly against my rib cage.

I noticed how close we were, my breast brushing slightly against his chest as I felt my cheeks heat up.

I've never been this awkward in my life before…

“Let go of my boyfriend, you bitch!” We heard someone roar out of fiery, probably jealousy, knowing it was no besides Athena as the possessive girlfriend she is.

I pushed Kayden away from me as he disentangled his arms around my waist, freeing myself and moving backward a bit.

I turned around and saw Athena strike her hands towards me while I closed my eyes waiting for the stinging pain to scorch my cheeks but felt nothing but air.

“Kay, what do you think you're doing?” She seethed furiously while I opened my eyes with relief seeing Kayden gripping her wrist to stop her from the stupid act she wanted to indulge in as she glared at him.

God knows, she would have broken out of the living hell in me if she gave me that slap.

“Stopping you from getting into another round of punishment,” He smirked at her while Athena yanked her arms away from him furiously now turning her fiery eyes on me as everyone watched silently and expectantly like we were having a show.

“You could have just let her fall,” She hissed an annoyingly directing her sharp gaze back to Kayden who just shrugged.

“You!” She warned, pointing at me while I stared at her nonchalantly with a boring look.

“Stay away from my boyfriend!” She warned like a raging mother cat protecting her kitten from danger.

I rolled my eyes and walked out of the class after her rants as I got to the hallway to look for something to clean my desk, I don't have time to deal with a nuisance like her and by the way, I wasn't even trying to get myself with Kayden. He was the one coming my way.

Shortly, I returned to the buzzing class seeing Kayden sitting on Athena's desk while Athena was busying pouting at him and playing with the tip of her hair and I felt like slapping the stupid cute look off her face.

Kayden turned his face to mine as we held eye contact and I quickly looked away, frowning as I walked to my seat and placed the bowl of water on the ground and dipped the red napkin in it.

I squeezed the water and began to clean it, but it got muddled up as it became sticky on my desk.

'Aissh! I made a silly mistake,' I groaned, staring at my now more messed up seat.

I turned my head back to Athena who staring at me with a satisfying smirk as I glared at her while Kayden just stared at me,

boring holes on my body.

The teacher entered the class and everyone hanging at each other's desks or seats scurried to their personal seats to settle down for class, while I was struggling to clean the mess on my desk and chair.

“Hey, you!” The teacher called while I focused still cleaning my seat, thinking she was talking to someone else.

“Jade!” I heard Kayden whisper for me to hear as I slowly turned my head to the teacher glaring at me and wondering what I was doing.

“What do, you think, you're doing in my class?” She fired at me as she began to walk towards my way.

'Wrong move!' I thought, staring at her.

She moved closer to me and stared at the napkin in my hand a6 the already stained whitish water inside the small bowl then to my desk as she gasped.

“Who did this? She questioned staring at me while I answered, 'that dickhead over there,' in my mind.

I didn't reply to her as I glanced towards Athena, who was giving me a death glare to dare say anything.

“I asked you a question, didn't I?” The teacher demanded firmly while I glanced at the floor.

“I do-don't know, I came in after class to see the mess on my seat and desk,” I answered her.

“Class!” The lady shouted, I guess she was a no-nonsense woman who will like to get to the roots of matters until she knows what happened.

I glanced towards Athena who was giving me a cocky smirk before flipping her hair and crossing her legs on her seat as she faced front while I just fumed growling lowly at her, clenching and releasing my fist at the same time.

“I said who did this mess here?” The teacher shouted as the whole class went in silent like a graveyard.

“If none of you is ready to give me the name of who did this rubbish on the school property, then you all are partaking in the punishment whether you are guilty or not,” The teacher roared angrily as everyone flinched and began to murmur among themselves.

“Ma'am, it's Athena and her friends,” A girl suddenly reported standing up in the center of the class as everyone became silent and snapped their gaze to the girl who looks timid.

“What! Are you nuts?” Athena fired, springing up from her seat as she glared at the girl.

I stared at the girl in a simple stone-washed Jean skirt that reached below her knee and a black and white leopard printed top.

'Is this girl ready for the comeback of Athens and her friends, or she simply doesn't know what trouble she's signing for,' I thought taking a liking to the girl who also has a pair of glasses on her face too, how come I haven't noticed she was in this class.

I haven't even existed in the class alone myself than thinking I should be taking notice of other people in the class.

Honestly, If I was that girl, I would have minded my damn business to avoid troubles, just like everyone else.

“Athena!” The teacher fired as Athena avert her gaze to the teacher.

“Pick out your friends who did this and go to the detention room until my class is over, now!” The teacher ordered and began to walk to the front of the class.

I caught Athena glaring daggers at the girl who just had her seat, with unspoken revenge filling her eyes as she glanced at me, making sure I gave her my cocky smirk back.

Athena clapped her hands together once and her three friends stood up, I can't even believe we all are in the same class.

What the heck!

The four girls flipped their hair to the back, making sure to give a hateful glance to the girl now staring at her book as they walked out of class.

“I see you have a new backup,” I heard Kayden snort behind me as I turned to give him a scoff while he smirked at me and faced his front.

I hurriedly cleaned up the mess on my desk and seat and excused myself from the class, taking out the bowl of water and napkin.


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