“This is the best day ever,” I smiled and turned my face to Kayden, who parked his car in front of my house.

Today was spectacular, and it was one of the amazing moments of my life, a day I will always cherish and relive in my heart and memories.

“I'm happy I made your day, today, sugarplum,” Kayden beamed and leaned closer to me, our faces brushing slightly against each other.

“I'm happy we crossed paths,” I muttered staring deeply into his blue eyes which shone brighter then I felt his soft lips on my lips and I hungrily took his lips in mine, but Kayden pulled away leaving me frustrated.

“Woah, Someone is aching for my lips,” He teased, and I glared at him biting on my lower lips while he chuckled, making me turn my head to the window staring outside.

“I'm happy I met you, Jade,” He spoke, and I felt his hand on my bare thigh and I slowly turned my head to gaze at him, a warm smile breaking free on my lips.

“Come on, let's get your packages inside,” He gave me a bright smile and I

Hey guys! I know this is a short chapter and I'm sorry about that 🥺I supposed to have updated on the 4th like I said before but something important came up and I had to tend with that immediately, but don't worry your author is back☺️ and be expecting loads of update starting from tomorrow ♥️💞

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