I walked into the females' dress room where we usually changed for sports and since we were having one after our third period, the room was crowded with a lot of girls from my class and other classes.

Most eyes were fixed on me, some gave me envious looks while some seemed curious about me but ignoring people was a pro for me, so, I inhaled sharply and headed straight to my locker while they muttered and whispered among themselves.

I opened my locker, brought out my sports clothes and began to change when we all heard a loud bang!

Everyone gasped including me and I turned my head over my shoulder to see what was going and to my surprise, I rolled my eyes seeing it was Athena who was about to break the school's door, and standing behind her were her minions, she looked agitated and everyone became silent as they stared at her.

Her eyes roamed around, and she was obviously looking for someone when they settled on me, I could feel the hate emanating from her and I knew I was that person
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