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Kayden came to pick me up at ten in the morning, we had decided to go to his home first since it was still two in the afternoon, and Brandon was starting his party.

“Have you eaten this morning?” Kayden asked as he made a turn on the road and glanced at me, our eyes met briefly before he turned his gaze back to the road.

“No,” I muttered with a playful smile on my lips and shifted in my sitting position slightly to the side and stared at him.

“Okay,” He said, gluing his eyes on the road.

I observed the slight traces of his veins popping out of the skin of his hands and smiled dreamily as I studied him.

He focused on the road and skillfully controlled the steering, I loved everything about him, it was as if we were destined and meant for each other.

“Do I look more handsome this morning?” Kayden asked teasingly.

“Huh?” I chuckled softly, gazing at
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