I finally got to the house where the party was taking place, thanks to Brielle's description, I reached the front of the apartment which was blaring out hip hop music.

I already told mum that I wanted to go see Ryan, leaving the party section out of it… She doesn't need to know about that.

I was putting on black jeans and a navy green jacket as I covered my head with the hood, I knew I would be the odd one to be dressed here, especially when girls around my age would be putting on skimpy body con dresses and any other dress that would expose their body to a night party.

I got irritated by the smell of Liquor and smoke from cigarettes as I lowered my head while using my arm to cover my nose.

Furthermore, I got inside the house crowded with hormonal and crazy teenagers as they rocked and danced to the beat of the music.

I looked up and glanced and luckily no one knew who I really was, some guys just glanced at me and passed, maybe because of the way I was dressing.

I stretched my neck, hoping I could see any glimpse of Ryan, I just wanted to talk to him… I kept pushing myself through the crowd when I mistakenly collided with a girl, who was dolled up with make-up and wore a very short black leather skirt that barely covered her butt with a nude color crop top as she snapped her gaze aggressively at me.

“Bitch! Watch it!!” She spat furiously at me.

“Sorry,” I muttered and scurried away from her before it results in something I won't be expecting.

Still, pushing my way through the crowd and stretching my neck sometimes almost standing on my toes, so I could be able to see ahead, I finally saw Ryan laughing with some guys before he finally holds Brielle.

I started shouting his name, “Ryan!”

“Ryan!!” It seems the blaring music didn't let him hear me and when I thought he glanced in my direction as I quickly raised my left arm and waved at him, but he didn't see me, instead he started dragging Brielle to one corner of the room.

I was able to leave the crowded teens and trailed where I saw Ryan take Brielle to before I caught eyes with him making out with Brielle at the back of the room.

They got so intense with each other and for a second my throat felt dry, and I thought of leaving him alone.

Hell no!

I felt my legs start moving to tell me I needed to speak with him still, I got closer to him, I felt so tense seeing his lips smooch that of Brielle's as she tugged her hands on his shirt.

I brushed off how I was feeling, he has every right to move on because I had moved on for a very long time… I just wanted to speak with him to clear things up between us.

“Ryan!” I called him softly, but he didn't bulge to move away from Brielle as he began to roam his right hand on Brielle's thigh, and I was forced to tap him on his shoulder as he moved away from Brielle and turned around facing me.

I sucked in a sharp breath when our eyes met each other.

"We need to talk,” I said in a throaty voice.


“Why the hell would you invite Hailey without my consent?” I asked Brielle furiously as she stared at me nonchalantly.

“Well, I don't see anything wrong with that, I told her you were my boyfriend, and she could come,” Brielle answered, making me even more pissed.

“Boyfriend?” I asked her taking steps closer to her as I stretched out my left arm and grabbed her arm yanking her over to me as she became frightened immediately.

“You and I both know, we're not a thing, or do I need to remind you?” I asked her annoyingly as she just stared at me before turning her head and hissing lightly.

I pushed her off, irritatingly and pointed a finger at her while she gave me those disgusting looks of hers.

“Stop going around telling everyone we are boyfriend and girlfriend. When we're clearly not. You of all people should know that,” I told her, giving her an icky gaze before leaving her to herself.

I was still angry at Hailey when she left me behind, feeling all hurt and used… I won't deny the fact that I still loved her very much, but my pride and ego won't just let her go that scot-free for tampering with my feelings.

She looked very much more beautiful than in the past two years and damn she was so sexy that last night I dreamt so crazily about her.

I decided to leave the party, still annoyed with Brielle for why she would invite Hailey to the party and as I was heading to the entrance door trying to get past the crowds, I saw Hailey in a navy green jacket as she too was just about to enter the house.

I thought of making her jealous and decided not to leave the party again, I turned around immediately and went back to where my friends were drinking and saw Brielle sitting on the sofa seat looking all moody with her friends comforting her.

I quickly made my way towards her and grabbed her wrist as she looked up startled and when she knew it was me, she smiled awkwardly.

“Come.” I breathed out as she stood up, and I began to drag her while I noticed she tried to keep on with my pace.

“Ryan, what's wrong?” She faltered curiously, while I just continued pulling her along with me without answering her.

I found a perfect spot and pushed Brielle to the wall before she could say anything, I slammed my lips against hers.

Brielle tensed at first, but relaxed as she began kissing me back. She parted her lips, making me slip my tongue into her mouth as I began kissing her effortlessly.

Let me don't lie, that I did feel a thing from Brielle, not a spark nor tingles, or a chill that would run down my spine. I felt nothing at all.

I just needed her to get back at Hailey and showed her I've moved on with my life, which I haven't.

I heard my name, but I refused to answer knowing it was from Hailey, I recognized her voice perfectly well, but I continued with my make-out section with Brielle who started giving out a low moan that irritates me.

Suddenly, I felt my shoulder tapped as my whole body got tensed and quivered, I had to leave Brielle and see the kind of expression that would be on Hailey's face, so, I turned around to see the girl I fell in love with, my stepsister, with a bemused look as she stared at me and Brielle.

“We need to talk,” She said throatily as we held each other gazes for a while.

“What the fuck are you doing here?” I roared at her as she frazzled and looked at me shockingly.

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DC Hawk
Chapter 3, page 6, last paragraph. There is a typo & missed first or third person perspective/point of view. Ryan is quoted as saying “I”, which meant he is the main subject, and it is not Hailey. Hope this helps
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Aneya Hall
This novel is really great it should become a real book

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