I sucked in my breath, waiting for what Ryan was about to say when he walked closer to me while we stared intimately at each other.

He stood a few inches away from me, and I was waiting for him to talk as he stared at me remorsefully.

“I'm sorry,” He apologized softly, while I stared at him blankly, registering what he just said.

'Did he just apologize to me?' I thought, staring surprisingly at him.

He moved a bit closer and stretch out his arm as he grabbed my left wrist, which I yanked away from him furiously.

Does he think he could treat me like a douchebag and come next to just start apologizing, and he'll get off the hook like that?

“Don't,” I warned him, stopping him with the palm of my left hand, shunning him as he run his hands through his silky auburn hair as he sighed at me.

“I know I was a complete jackass to you yesterday, I wasn't in my right mind when I acted that way to you… I was drunk, and I'm so sorry,” He apologized, I looked him straight in the eyes t
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