I was so happy that I smiled at almost everyone who passed my way down the hallway, while I drowned in my thoughts about how I and Ryan had finally made peace at last.

I entered the classroom and Ryan was speaking to some of his friends in class, I glanced everywhere searching for Brielle since she always follows Ryan around like a kitten.

She wasn't in class and, I guessed, she wasn't a literature student. I noticed how she stayed at arm's length when Ryan, Micah, I, and Jace were the ones so keen about the project.

I made my way to my seat as Shirley waved at me, showing me her Silver braces around her teeth.

“Good morning, Shirley,” I greeted her, placing my bag on the table.

“Good morning, someone looks so happy this morning,” She told me as I blushed slightly.

“Is it that obvious?” I whispered asking her about settling down to sit when I felt someone tap my shoulder lightly.

“Ley!” That deep voice rang out, I turned around immediately and saw Ryan staring at me in t
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