I closed the door of my room with a slight thud, I lazily dragged my feet to my bed, getting tired of today's work at school. I dropped my school bag on the bed and removed my blazer from my body and flung it on the bed.

Furthermore, I sighed, packing my hair into a messy bun and jumped on my bed sitting down. Likewise, I am so determined for my presentation tomorrow as I wish to go to Aiden's college, so I will be with him.

Smiling to myself, I slowly unbuttoned my school shirt, throwing it on the floor when I was done, and unzipped my skirt after it as it slipped to the floor.

I hopped into my bathroom to take a warm shower before I settle down and study for the presentation I'll be having tomorrow morning.

A few moments later, I was done showering and put on a simple straight gown and jumped on my bed, laying on it flatly. I stretched my arm to grab my bag and draw it closer to me.

I unzipped my bag and brought out my phone to go through my presentation work on my Goo
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