Chapter 8

Andrea’s POV

I was

embarrassed to see everyone in formal dress, and I was in maid’s apron.

I thought I

am used to be the slave in the pack. I was not in front of Alpha Enzo. He was


Slaves were

not allowed to have any eye contact with masters and guests. I didn’t even know

how taunting he would be seeing me doing my slave job.

He must be

happy that he was not marrying a shameful slave like me.


Melissa called me suddenly.

I had a bad

feeling instantly.

I walked to

her side, and my head was still bent low. I didn’t dare irritate her in this


"I want

to drink that wine," Melissa said, pointing to the wine on the other

side of the table.

I nodded,

then walked around the table to bring the bottle of wine over.

Then, I bent

down to pour a glass slowly for Melissa.


Melissa brought her hand up to touch the stem of the wine glass, then seemingly

swept the glass off the table unintentionally.

The glass

crashed to the ground and shattered into pieces
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Comments (4)
goodnovel comment avatar
Bella Jersey
Enzo is melting me like butter
goodnovel comment avatar
So far it’s a decent book kinda surprised me a little he’s not as dominant as most of the alphas I’ve read about but maybe he doesn’t want to be til he knows what’s going on
goodnovel comment avatar
Anna Vezino
can't wait to read the next chapter

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