Chapter 10

Andrea's POV


biological clock always woke me up at half-past five every morning, since I had

to get up to clean the house and prepare breakfast for Alpha Michael's family,

Today, when

I got up from the mattress, my leg brushed against something soft and furry.

I rubbed my

eyes and saw a solid black wolf tail. I quickly remembered what happened last

night and tried my best to hold back a shameful scream.



A low,

hoarse voice floated into my ear, and I jerked around to meet those

golden-brown, cloudy eyes.

The giant

wolf had also woken up, seemingly tired.

He got up

from the ground and walked over to me. He circled my back, then reached out to

rub my neck like it was the most natural thing. Then, he wrapped his body

around my waist and placed his head on my thigh.


back to sleep..." he said blearily.

I was

stunned speechless.

I wanted to

push him away and run, but he simply licked the back of my hand with his rough

tongue and said, "Stop it."


Why did this

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Comments (2)
goodnovel comment avatar
Bella Jersey
Enzo is not gonna like this
goodnovel comment avatar
Bethanie Herbert Yirak
She doesn’t know anything about mates?! How horrible they must treat her ... and her mate is too stuck up to notice she’s in any trouble?!

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