Chapter 100

When I next stepped into the conference room, I wasn't the Cold Moon Pack's Luna anymore, but the murderer who had pushed Gloria down the stairs instead.

Although none of them dared to do anything to me, I could feel the burning resentment in the eyes of all the warriors present!

In their minds, I was the murderer who had killed their heir.

However, my mind was clear, so I did not need to cower in fear. My only regret was that the unborn child had died.

So, I straightened my back and prepared to face the interrogation that was about to happen.

'Don't be afraid, Andrea," Enzo said through mindlink as he sat beside me. 'Even if this matter can't be cleared up, I won't let anything happen to you.'

I shook my head discreetly at him, gesturing for him not to do anything rash.

'I want a clean name, Enzo. I'm your Luna. I can't carry a stain on my name, or it will become a stain on our pack.'

As I said that, I turned to Alpha Michael, who was enraged. From what I could remember, Alpha Michae
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Margaret Starbuck
The ending sucked. Wish I hadn’t wasted my time reading this
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Vera Payne
thank you for the update..

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