Chapter 105

"Lilla's birthday party?" I asked and put down the magazine in my hand. "Where will it be held?"

"At the top floor of Jasmine Hotel," Enzo replied. "Kyle has booked the entire floor, and it'll just be the few of us. We're still in the Blue River Pack, so we can't make it too grand."

"Ah, that's a pity. She must be disappointed."

"Not at all! I'm happy enough to spend my birthday with my best friends!"

I turned to see Lilla kicking off her shoes before running towards me and jumping on me. Kyle and Seth were also back, following behind her quietly.

"You're almost eighteen. Why are you still acting like a child?" Kyle exasperatedly said as he straightened out her messed-up shoes. Lilla stuck out her tongue in response.

"Say, you can find your mate after your birthday. Did you think about what your plans are?" Kyle asked as he approached us.

Lilla instantly tensed up, and her smile vanished. "Uh... I..."

"Are you still thinking about that bastard?"

Kyle was obviously referring to Max, an
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Rose SB
Andrea should have gone with Enzo’s suggestion and just kill Melissa.
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Carol Ann
I'm done, over waiting!
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why has it taken so long to update it?

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