Chapter 108

I felt my swollen cheeks hit the hard rock as my body plunged into the sea. Icy cold water flowed into my nose and mouth, and I struggled instinctively. My limbs flailed as I tried to move to the surface. I could swim, so I could save myself, couldn't I?

However, the waves were so violent, and it overwhelmed me easily, despite how much strength I had.

It became harder to breathe. It felt like the air in my lungs was about to finish at any moment, and I couldn't draw enough air without getting more water in my nose and mouth.

The pain from my wounds and suffocation ate away at me, causing my body to spasm.

Was I going to die...?

Just as I was about to fade out from consciousness, I heard a familiar voice shout, "Andrea!"

Was that... Enzo?

Was I hallucinating?

I tried to keep my eyes open, but all I could see were blurs around me. For a moment, it felt like someone had wrapped their arms around my waist and...

It was warm, despite the raging ice-cold sea water I was submerged in, and I
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Sarah Porter
so Lila never gets a mate?
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Awful ending, so Enzo says nothing about the baby I’m sure her belly was big since he was in a coma for 3 months
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Bad ending
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