chapter 48


I didn't know. I lied. I lied to Philip. I don't know what Elijah told him. I don't know what Marcus's true intentions were. I don't know if Philip was saying that to spite me but Marcus's reaction didn't help.

"You're quite obviously not his first choice", Philip's words ring in my ears. "Now that his boyfriend found a new toy, he needs something to keep him preoccupied too."

I think deep down inside, I knew I was a second choice. Obviously, I was the second choice. If he was ready to get over someone, the next would be the second choice for a bit until they build the relationship up to become the first choice but...

"Tell her how your initial plan was to mess with her because you were envious of her close relationship with Alejandro. How you thought you'd get to Alejandro by hurting her," Philip had said.

But did he truly want to hurt me because he couldn't bear my bond with Alejandro? Were his intentions evil to begin with?

If I die today, I want one last chance to a
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