Chapter 4: Offer

I tried to push him away from me, but it seemed useless for me to push him because he kept kissing me.

“You’re mine now, Christine,” he husky said in his sexy lower tone of voice.

This man must be crazy. Why does he keep saying that I am his? I am not used for anyone’s possession and even more so I am not owned by anyone.

All the hair on my body rises when I feel one of his hands move around my back until I feel one of his hands on my chest.

He stopped kissing me and then he stared at my face until he passed me, looking down.

His expression was blank, so I couldn’t figure out what he was thinking while looking at me. But I only knew one thing: I had to find a way to escape this crazy man.

As I was thinking of a way, I was surprised after this man removed his hold on me and then he sighed.

“I didn’t mea---”

I did not hear him finish speaking because I quickly ran to the door, but even though I was not halfway to the door, I quickly chased and grabbed this man’s arm.

After I looked at him, my whole body trembled. He gripped my arm tightly and looked at me sharply.

“It hurts. Let me go...” I begged.

“You need to be taught a lesson.” He emphatically said.

Before I could even ask what he was saying, he quickly tore my dress. Then he brought his body close to mine and kissed me.

Every kiss he gave me on my lips was exhausting.

He turned me in the other direction and walked backwards. I could do nothing but walk until I could feel the table behind me.

He pressed his body even closer to mine. Eventually, I heard things fall behind me. I think he removed the things from his desk.

He stopped kissing me, then he sharply looked at me. I immediately crossed my hand over my chest.

“Kiss me.”

I was shocked by what he said. Too much fear of him is what I hear.

“I said fuckn kiss me!” He emphatically and angrily commanded me.

I can already feel the teardrop forming on the side of my eye. Who is this man? Why is he doing this to me? I know I haven’t done anything bad to him, so why?

“Please, let me go.”

Suddenly, he gripped both cheeks tightly. As he did so, I felt even more afraid of him and at the same time my tears descended my cheeks.

“I’ll let you know that you’re mine.” He said emphatically.

He suddenly kissed me. His kisses were so strong that he almost bit my lip with every movement of his mouth.

He lifted me, still sitting at the table without parting with the kiss. As he sat me at the table, I felt his hand removing my bra and when he removed it he threw where my bra was.

I couldn’t help but scream when he suddenly touched and mashed my chest. What he is doing will almost make me lose my strength.

I grabbed both of his arms to push him but whatever else I pushed it seemed like he just didn’t have it.

My hands almost sank into his arm but he ignored me and he continued to kiss me on my neck down to my chest.

When his mouth dropped to my chest I could not help but weep in tears because of fear, nervousness and most of all the anger building up in my chest at this man who was disrespectful to me.

“Please, no...” I begged.

“Stop crying.”

After he spoke, I just felt that he had stopped kissing me.

His expression was blank as he looked at me.

“If you haven’t stopped crying, I’ll continue what I started with you.”

I immediately stopped crying, almost unable to breathe, just not even any crying noise.

I still couldn’t keep up with his gaze, so I just lowered my gaze.

After I looked down, I secretly rolled my eyes at what I saw. The bulge of his manhood was big. Even though he was wearing pants, I could clearly see his bulge. What the heck? Even if I haven’t seen it, I can say it’s huge.

Oh, my gosh! What is it I’m thinking?

“Dammit!” I hear him swearing.

I followed her gaze as she walked. I was no longer able to follow him with my gaze when he came to me.

There was silence all around. I think he was now staring out his glass wall. I noticed earlier how beautiful the outside of his glass wall is where can see the different colours of light coming from the tall buildings outside.

I just went down to the table as I walked to the spot where my bra had fallen off.

“Don’t you dare to run away from me.” He said emphatically.

I didn’t speak, but I just quietly took off my bra and put it on me again.

After wearing my bra, I looked at him and I almost jumped in shock when I saw that he was looking at me and not outside his glass wall.

Even though I felt like, I would be hurt by the edge of his gaze on me, I still tried to keep up with his sharp look on me.

I need to end his bullshit. I can’t be locked up with a worthless person like him and this marriage.

“Ten billion dollars,” I mentioned. “Uncle and Auntie owe you that much?”


He turned around and took a cigarette and a lighter from his coat on the swivel chair and lit it.

“Do you think I’ll believe you that they owe you so much?”

“That’s why you’re here. In front of me is because you’re the one they paid their debt to.”

“Why me?”

“Why not? I’m a loan shark. I’ll accept everything that can be redeemed. Besides, it’s not bad for someone like you to pay ten billion dollars.”

When he blew his cigarette, he turned to face me.

After that, he walked towards me. My heartbeat suddenly quickened due to nervousness and fear. I wanted to step back, but my feet seemed to be nailed to where I was standing. Until he can get close to me.

“When you pay ten billion dollars in one month, you can get out of me in your life and our marriage will be annulled.”

“Ten billion dollars for one month?” Where can I get that much money in just one month?

“And when I haven’t paid that debt?”

“Your debt to me will increase by ten percent every month until you pay me more and more and you don’t have a choice but be with me forever.”

No. That can’t happen.

“But as I told you earlier I have an offer for you.”

I don’t remember that he said anything to offer me earlier and if there was, I forgot about it because I was so scared of him and angry.

“Your debt to me will be reduced by five hundred thousand pesos every time something happens to the two of us. And if I am satisfied with what happens to the two of us, I will deduct one million pesos from your debt to me.”

“Something to us?”


Suddenly he squeezes my waist towards him then he smirks at me. Why the heck is he freaking so handsome? I shouldn’t admire him but, his brown eyes are enticing to look at, especially his grin.

“Let’s reduce your debt to me by five hundred thousand pesos tonight, wife.”

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