Chapter 6: Concern

When my spirit woke up, the first thing I felt was my headache and the weight of my body that made me feel as if something heavy had hit me.

I was about to massage my forehead so that somehow my headache would go away, but when I moved my hand, then I just felt a warm hand.

I look at the owner of the hand holding my hand. He was sitting in a chair while sitting on the chair and holding one hand in mine.

I quickly remove this Yuichi’s grip on me. After I removed his grip on my hand, he woke up.

“How are your feeling?”

I raised an eyebrow at his question and stared as tears welled up in my eyes.

How dare he ask my feelings? Did he forget what he did to me?

I suddenly closed my eyes when he was about to touch me. “Don’t touch me.” I quickly said, then firmly, very close to the comforter that rested on my body.

Minutes later I could not feel his hand, so I opened my eyes again and slowly looked at him.

He is looking at me—he is staring at me. His narrow pair of eyes were chubby, as i
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