Chapter 12: Can’t Handle? 

Yuichi’s P.OV.


I fucking did not mean. I lost my fucking self after she said that fucking man touched her. Why the fuck of all fucking people? Why is that fucking guy still with Christine? No. Why is Christine with another man?

Just fucking thinking about her and that fucking man together makes my vision go dark and I want fucking to kill that fucking man. If only Christine hadn’t stopped me, that shameless man would have bathed in his fucking own blood.

I was fucking hurt when I found out that fucking Lance was with her right from Christine’s mouth. And I lost myself afterward she told me that a man touched her.

That’s my mistake. No matter how angry I feel, I know I shouldn’t have done that to Christine. But when I touched her smooth body, I lost myself even more.

The time I inserted my whole being into her, I knew she lied when she said that man touched her because I felt it. But, my lust was stronger in my body that night, so I couldn’t stop myself from doing that thing. And
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