Chapter 33: After the Storm

I wake up next morning without him by my side. Yet there’s a delicious smell of fresh brewed coffee and French Toast coming from the kitchen. I immediately get out of bed and head towards the kitchen.

Eason is standing in the kitchen, pouring coffee into the mug. There’s already two plates of ready French Toast on the counter with some fresh berries by the side and wiped cream on top.

“Oh my god.” I fake a shocking expression walking up towards him. “Did you make this? Maybe I was wrong about you being a useless rich brat.”

His eyes light up immediately when he sees me, and he drags me into his arms. A soft kiss lands on my forehead. “It’s not too late to change your mind.”

I giggle and tiptoe to kiss him back. He holds the back of my head with one hand, fingers threading into my hairs deepening the kiss, while he brings the other hand down past my waist and gently squeezes my ass.

I immediately feel a familiar heat building between my thighs. He has the magic to turn me on so easily.
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Comments (3)
goodnovel comment avatar
Me too because she is oblivious to any wrongdoing on her part except for her leaving to go stay with her day which she had no choice in the matter same as now they keep shipping her off not caring wat she wants
goodnovel comment avatar
Tiffany Feldman
Agreed. I'm curious what she supposedly did to him 3 years prior that he's plotting against her.
goodnovel comment avatar
Eason confuses me he get jealous but he is also plotting against Nat the things is he will not only break Nats heart but his own too

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