Chapter 35: A Wild Guess

My whole body tenses up immediately at his words.

About Eason? Why?

Did he find out about us???

Now that I think of it, we aren’t very careful about hiding our tracks. There is evidence everywhere: like yesterday, like that one time in the restaurant with my mom…

I gulp and force out a smile, trying to sweep it under the rug, “but they are still waiting for us outside. Maybe some other time—”

I want to escape the scene so bad.

But before I can stand up, Alex puts his hand on my shoulder and forces me back. I’ve never seen him like this before.

“You will want to hear this Nat,” he says sternly.

I gulp as cold sweat starts to form on my forehead.

Oh god, he is definitely on to us. What’s he going to say? Is he going to judge me for sleeping with my stepbrother? Is he going to tell my parents, my friends or everyone at school? If I beg him, will he keep the secret?

My mind is a mess when suddenly I hear Alex says—

“I think Eason is plotting something against you.”

I blink and

Hey guys. I've been following your comments. I'll definitely keep writing this book but I've also been so caught up at work so the update isn't stable. Maybe it's a good idea to let you know the next update time in the Author's Note here from now on? Cuz I don't want you to keep coming back and checking for updates...I know it's a bummer. The next update will be tomorrow! Please come back then. Lots of love.

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Rem Kamaruddin
Thanks for the update. Been waiting and checking. Hope for some miracle that you work will lessen and you can update more ...
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hope this will updated to continue reding
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Agree!!! Maybe some partial truth but not the whole truth for sure!

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