Chapter 37: Unexpected Someone

The next day after school, I go to a local coffee house for interview as planned.

This job is nothing fancy, but it pays really well. Too well actually. If my job is to brew some coffee, serve some pastries and mob the floor, then I think I’m definitely overvalued given my wage.

The coffee shop is in the university district, right next to a school library. So I’m not surprised to find that the room is packed with college students reading, writing and discussing assignments when I step in.

There’s a cute girl with pink hairs and lip rings standing behind the counter. She welcomes me with a hearty smile, “Hey! What can I get ya?”

“Hi,” I can’t help but smile back. “I’m here for interview. My name is Natalia Moore?”

“Oh yeah! I’ve been expecting you. Follow me please.”

She leaves the counter and leads me to the back and into an office. When we get in, she casually points me to a seat and sits down behind the desk herself, “can I offer you anything to drink? Water? Tea? Coffee?”


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update please
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I think that this is Easons doing
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wish it didn't stop right there, lol

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