Chapter 40: Betrayal

Eason is thrusting deep into me when someone knocks the door.

“Eason. Natalia? Are you in there?”

It’s mom.

My mind is clouded by the pleasure he’s giving me. And mom’s voice is like a wakeup call that I most cry out. But Eason quickly clamps his hand over my mouth, stifling all my voice.

There’s only a thin door between mom and us. The fear of getting caught is like a thrilling electricity coursing through my body.

I grab his shoulders shaking with desire and anxiety, my nails digging into his flesh.

His hot gaze never leaves my face as he slightly pulls out his dick from me and answers her raising his voice:

“We’ll be right down.”

His voice is perfectly natural. Yet I still can’t help but tense my body and feel his dick slightly twitching inside of my pussy.

“OK,” mom doesn’t suspect a thing and says on the other side of the door. “Dinner is ready. Come down when you are ready.”

“Sure. Thank you.”

I hold my breath listening to her footsteps gradually leaving. And the next

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