Chapter 44: Pain in the ass

His face remains calm and cold. Yet I still catch a fleeting glimpse of panic and disbelief passing through his eyes.

“Surprised?” I sneer and take a moment to enjoy the look on his face. “I thought you knew…since you already brought your new girlfriend shopping today.”

His face drops. “For the second time, Valerie is not my girlfriend.”

“Just stop lying, OK? If she’s not your girlfriend, then what are you really? Why on earth are you guys together all the time?? No forget it…I don’t want to know.” I wave my hand dismissively.

He suddenly stands up. Taken aback, I raise my head to look at him and find his face dark and sullen.

“Are you asking me to cut connections with all my female friends?” he questions me in a strained tone. “Is this what you want? Because I can do that. If only you could stop talking to Alex!”

Even though I was mad at him, I was able to talk to him in a calm manner. But these words enrage me instantly. Anger explodes in my head and the next thing I know I’m kneeli
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Yes she is
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Marlenny Fernandez
Omg. This chapters are getting shorter and dumb
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missy jean
completely agree

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