Chapter 46: Paying the Debt

Natalia’s POV

“Me? Your date?” I frown. “What about Valerie?”

“What about her?”

“You brought her shopping for evening gowns the other day. So I thought you were taking her to the party,” I snort. “She stood you up, didn’t she? And that’s why you are coming back to me now because I’m your backup.”

“You are unbelievable,” he sighs.

He runs his fingers through his hairs as a spasm of frustration flits across his face.

“Stop piecing everything together in your mind!” he growls, lowering his eyelids to avoid my gaze. “I took her shopping, but we didn’t go shopping for evening gowns. If you don’t want to come with me to the party, I might as well go alone.”

That’s when I notice a pink tinge appears on his cheek and his ears are turning red.

Is he embarrassed for being so honest? He almost never shares his real thoughts and true feelings with me, and this is actually the first time.

Oh god I love the honest Eason way much more than the manipulative jerk he used to be.

This is the ch

Hope you don't end up hating Eason lol.

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Comments (22)
goodnovel comment avatar
I’m thinking it’s something that will come out later as the story develops more. Keeping the readers on edge and guessing
goodnovel comment avatar
not liking Easton at all. I wonder if Easton will bottle it or ruin nat forever
goodnovel comment avatar
Brittany Milch
Was the secret garden mentioned to us earlier? I know he brought it up to Nat and he got mad she couldn’t remember what it was for them… but did we as readers get a clue beyond him mentioning it on what it was?

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