Chapter 49: Midnight Firework

Natalia’s POV

The sound is so annoying that it stops me from falling asleep.

“What the fuck?” I groan, jumping off bed and heading towards the window.

Then the next second, before I grab the handle, a bright and flashy beam of light shots up in front of my window.

It’s a firework!

I’m so amazed by the view in front of me that I freeze up on the spot. Those starry sparks explode into a thousand glamorous particles of light, like rainfall of diamond and gems, and completely light up the velvet summer night.

Moments later, the show finally stops. I immediately rush forward and shove the window open. Looking down, I find Eason standing on the ground, holding a few firework sticks, grinning at me.

This is probably the scene every girl has been dreaming for, a hot boy waiting in front of the window, lighting the firework.

And on top of everything, Eason himself is every girl’s dream.

“What—what are you doing here? Where did you get this?” I ask, breathing fast.

“I brough it from yo

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Naloshnee Shanitha Moodley
When is the next update?
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That will be not good must prevail.
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Novuge Awinuola
Splendid!!! I want to know when the next chapter(s) is coming on pls?

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