Chapter 61: Nails Fight

I agree to move in together with Eason, but we haven’t really nailed down the details yet. At first, I thought I would be moving into his penthouse, but later he told me that we were going to get a new apartment.

“But why? Your penthouse is well furnished and it’s not very far from school,” I ask confused.

He shrugs, “I’ve been living in that apartment for almost three years. It’s about time to make some changes. I want a brand-new start with you in a brand-new place.”

He speaks like tossing away some old clothes.

I simply can’t understand his lavish lifestyle.

“You seem worried babe. What’s the matter?” he studies my face and asks.

I sigh, “I’m simply worried that mom and Mr. Ramirez will find out about this if we make such a fuss about moving…and plus, what about the cost?”

I know it’s probably stupid to worry about money now since I’m dating the billionaire’s son. But I don’t want the beginning of our relationship to be an unequal one.

His face is full of surprises when he heard me
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Lyds Kalaw
what happened to the next chapter?
goodnovel comment avatar
I can’t wait for the video to come out! It will change everything for him. Eason’s mother took that letter and flowers 3 years ago.
goodnovel comment avatar
Michelle King
I wish he’d said “My girlfriend is in there.” And then have him walk up to and embrace Nat. It would have been glorious.

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