Chapter 63: Agreement

Jenna’s POV

“Give it back to me, you asshole!” I yell at James, who has taken my phone away from me.

“Fuck! You texted her? What did you say?” his thumb scrolls down my phone screen as quickly as possible.

“The truth!” I bark. “The truth she should have known a long time ago!! Now give it back you filthy, disgusting liar!”

I rush toward him trying to snatch my phone back, but he quickly dodges me again. Before I can reach him, he has found my text message to Natalia.

“Oh, thank god you haven’t told her anything specific,” he heaves a long sigh, apparently relieved.

I can’t believe how shameless he is.

“You should be ashamed of yourselves! Both of you! Eason is a pure devil to plot against her like this and you are no less! How can you help her to hurt an innocent girl’s heart?! Are your hearts made of stones??” I roar.

An hour ago, when James was in the shower, I took his phone and checked his messages with Eason. I’ve always sensed that something is wrong with that dude. And their me
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Comments (4)
goodnovel comment avatar
missy jean
wow.... haven't read any of this in about 2weeks and only 2 updates... Highly disappointed...
goodnovel comment avatar
Tiffany schramm
will u plz update everyday??? plz this book to us good to wait... & of course is gng to come out & man he's so fuked.. esp when she finds out he threatened Jenna...Eason ur so screwed... & I'm your mom is NOT gng to let u be w her..& I think your mom's a lil more powerful than u
goodnovel comment avatar
Wow! This boy is unbelievable. When it all comes out he will be on his knees! His mother took that letter and flowers 3 years ago. How do people like him exist and get away with this shit? Good Story though! You really should update everyday.

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