Chapter 64: The Truth

The next morning, I slowly wake up in his arms. He is already awake. I catch him staring at me when I open my eyes.

“…why are you staring?” I ask sleepily. “What’s on my face?”

He holds me tighter in his arms and whispers, “nothing…I just can’t get enough you. I can do this all day—watching you sleep.”

“Getting a little creepy here I think,” I sit up and stretch my back. “Today is Saturday. Do you have any plans?”

He sits up with me, “So I was thinking…maybe we can go get some new furniture? You can redecorate a little.”

The idea of decorating my first home definitely seems interesting. So I immediately jump on board.

Since we are trying a simpler way of life now, I thought he would take me to IKEA or Target. But instead, he ends up driving me to a fancy mall with all those luxury designer brands.

When the sales lady welcomes us into the VIP lounge again, I whisper to Eason, “I thought we are buying furniture. What are we doing here?”

“They have house products here. And all decoration
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goodnovel comment avatar
I want Easton to find out that it was his own mother that took the flowers and card 3 years ago !!!!!
goodnovel comment avatar
Not that the book is a shit show it’s a good read just their messy ass lives
goodnovel comment avatar
I fell like shit is about to get real hectic ha ha ha ha ha I’m just Thoroughly entertained at this point I’m just waiting to what else can happen in this shit show ha ha ha ha I’ll give it to you I can’t look away by now

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