Chapter 3

Maddox's POV

I stand in front of the door and look both ways as I type in the passcode on the door. I slipped in backwards shutting the door behind me and let out of breath.

I turn around smiling as my eyes roam the room. I quickly walk over to the desk and set my bag down before pulling everything out.

I pulled the bag out of the garbage can then quickly start pulling the desk drawers out and dumping them into the garbage can before placing them back in the desk. Once I had all the drawers emptied except for the one that's locked on the bottom I quickly grab a couple cans of tough stuff and start squirting it inside of each drawer. I sat there smiling as I watched this crap expand.

I quickly closed it and moved on to the next drawer until I had them all filled. Next I grabbed the crazy glue and flip the laptop over then proceeded to squirt as much as I could all over the bottom before pressing it to the desk for a few seconds.

Satisfied I moved on to the phone, then the stapler, then his picture frame which I placed faced down. Then I grabbed his plaque and tossed that in my bag then replaced it with the new one I had made that read,

"I like it in the ass!"

Now don't get me wrong, I'm not making fun of him for being gay. He's an alpha, which means he gives and not receives. He's the top and not the bottom.... I thought this was a nice little Alpha joke as I held it firmly to the desk, making sure it stuck nice and good.

I quickly threw everything back into my bag then threw it over my shoulder as I backed away. Giving everything one last look before slipping out the door. As soon as I turned around I freeze as my stomach drops.

Reid and two Alpha's I don't know are right in front of me.

"Mind tell me what you're doing coming out of my office?"

My brother says giving me a stern look.

" Oh, um, I forgot my bag in there earlier."

I said coming up with a lie as fast as I can. He raises an eyebrow at me before nudging his head, signaling me to go.

I smile and wave before turning and walking away. As soon as the door closes and they're all in I take off running for the kitchen.

A few minutes later I get an angry link from my brother,

"Maddox you little shit, I'm going to kick your ass!"

He yells to me through the link. I quickly block it and cringe as I take another bite of my sandwich while shrugging my shoulders.

Several minutes later I watch as Reid escorts the two Alpha's out. They both look at me amused before walking out the door. As soon as the car drives away I hear a loud growl and I take off sprinting out the back door.

"Get back here you little fucker!"

Reid roars as he chases me.

"I'm sorry but I knew how much you missed me! I had to make up for lost time!"

I yelled as I ran. I made my way through the tree line, shifting right away then hauling ass out of there.

I get excited when I see Addison's house come into view. I quickly linked her telling her to meet me in the backyard with a towel. I make it into her backyard just as I see her coming out and quickly shift back before running toward her.

Her eyes go wide and I smirk, I suprised her with my nakedness...

Yeah she likes what she sees doesn't she!

Feeling good with the results I slow down my speed and strut my stuff.

I watch as she's frozen in place and feel even better as I put more effort into my strut. I try to put a little more force in each step as I try to make my dick swing more, feeling really good about myself right about now.

Yeah she definitely likes what she sees, I think just for my assumption is horribly wrong and I'm suddenly tackled to the ground.

My body hitting the ground with a loud thumb as the wind gets knocked out of me. I realized in this moment she wasn't admiring my body she saw my brother about to tackle me. Oops!

"Ow, seriously, get your fat ass off of me!"

I say as my face is buried in the ground because his hand is holding the side of my face, pressing it into the grass.

"You little demonic shit! Do you know how stupid I felt when two alpha sat there laughing at me and I had no idea why!

I didn't realize it until I was walking them out and glance back at my desk to see that stupid fucking plaque you put there!

And let's not even talk about my damn drawers!"

He growled into my ear before shoving my face as he got off me.

"You're lucky your mate is standing here or I'd kick your ass!"

He said before shifting back into his wolf and taking off.

I pryed my face out of the ground along with my dignity as Addison tried not to laugh at me while approaching me. She walked up then wrapped the towel around my waist before patting me on the shoulder.

"One day Maddy, one day you will learn to stop messing with your brother."

She said laughing as she turned around and walked away.

"Damn it!"

I mumbled as I hung my head and followed her into the house.

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