Chapter 4

Damien's POV

"No!..  Don't even!"

I said glaring at Xavier as I held baby coal in my arms while waddling to the nursery like I had a stick up my ass.

He looked at me sorrowful meanwhile I'm cursing Celine the moon goddess.

Celine, I swear I'm making a mold of that cock and taking it with me when I come see you. I'm shoving it right up your fucking ass so you can see what it feels like!

I say in my head then winced when I took another step and felt a sharp pain in my ass.

"Oh now you're just messing with me!" I say glaring at her. Well, imagining I'm glaring at her. But pause and watch Theo walk past as if nothing happened.... This little shit's not even limping!

How in the hell is that even possible? I literally watched Xavier fuck the shit out of him before he fucked the shit out of me. And here I can barely walk and this little turd is walking past me as if nothing happened!

I swallow hard then try to gather myself and walk like a man... like he just did but after two steps yelp. Fuck me!

I swear if any of you guys call me a baby I will jump out of this book and get you!

Theo quickly turns back and takes the baby from me before Xavier scoops me up and carries me into the bathroom. I try to be angry with him but find myself melting against him as I nuzzle my face against his nice firm chest. Goddess I love this chest! I think as I gently squeeze his muscular chest.


Xavier hums, as he turns the water on.

"Little mate, I already smell your arousal and know what you're thinking. If you don't want me to fuck you again you better stop thinking those dirty thoughts."

He says which only has the opposite effect on me as I feel my cock get harder and throb while slick leaks from my hole. I whimper as I latch onto his neck while I suck nip and bite at it.

Xavier growls as he adjust me before pushing me against the shower wall.

I moan as he thrust his hips against me, feeling his hard cock as it presses against mine.

Xavier pulls my head to the side as he sinks his fangs in and and I cry out as the pleasure rolls through my body. I feel as his tongue brushes against my skin while he sucks and fills his mouth with my blood before swallowing it down. I moan as I thrust my hips against him, loving the feel as our cock slide and press against each other.

"Um loves... as much as I hate the break this up and would love to join you guys, Reid just told me we need to hurry it up. Apparently you guys have blocked him."

I groaned then whimpered as Xavier sets me down.

"Correct me if I'm wrong little mate, weren't you just complaining about my fat cock?"

Xavier said smirking at me.

"Yeah well that doesn't mean I don't want you to fuck me with it again!"

I said as I turned around and waited for him to wash my back.

I looked over my shoulder when I didn't feel him doing anything just to see him standing there staring at me.

I raised an eyebrow at him and he laughs as he grabs the washcloth and starts washing my back.

I close my eyes and let out of breath as I leaned into his touch.


Maddox's POV

I follow Addison into her bedroom then walked to her dresser. I open her bottom left drawer then grab a pair of my sweatpants and t-shirt.

I know what your thinking, wow I already have a drawer here!

No it's not like that. This has been my drawer since I first started shifting.

Isabel and I would shift and run over here together. Izzy would always just wear Addison's clothes so I had her clear me out of drawer one day and brought over a bunch of sweatpants and t-shirts.

Addison turns around and waits for me to get dressed. I smirk and very slowly get dressed. She turns around thinking I'm done but I am standing there with my sweatpants on and my shirt in my hand.

She rolls her eyes before walking toward me.

"Boy you really are full of yourself with this new body huh."

She says smiling as she places her hand on my chest and lets it slide down and along my side.

I shiver as I feel the goosebumps spread across my body from her delicate touch. I feel the little tingles dance under her fingers.

I stand there staring at her, almost in a trance. Her eyes slowly come up to meet mine and that seems to snap her out of it as she quickly takes her hand away then backs up.

"Um, why don't you go ahead and get dressed then meet me in the kitchen."

She says looking flustered as the blush spreads across her face before she quickly walks out of the bedroom.

I take a deep breath in then let it out, trying to compose myself before slipping my shirt on.

"So I was thinking, I know Reid mentioned that I can take over once we finished the mating process but I kinda want to do it now."

I said to Addison as we were walking back to the pack house. Her head whipped in my direction and her eyes went wide.

I quickly stopped and grabbed her hands.

"No I don't mean like that! I mean I want to take over the pack now instead of waiting until we complete the mating. I don't want to force you into doing anything, and I know Marcus and Zendaya are dying to get back. Plus I've worked really hard the past four months and I feel like I'm ready for the position. I'm really eager to get over there and take my place."

I said trying to calm her down.


She said then turned to start walking again.

"So does this mean I would go with you or are you going to go without me?"

She said then glanced at me before looking straight ahead again.

"You don't have to go with me but I would love it if you would. I mean we don't have to share a room yet if you're not ready for that. You can have your own room if that's what you want, if that would make you feel better, if that would make you feel more comfortable. I mean you know, we don't have to, you know."

I said rambling and she quickly stopped then grabbed my face.

"Calm down, I would love to go with you. I can't stand being away from you anymore. And yes, I would love to share a room with you my Alpha."

She said and I swear my heart stopped beating and my knees almost gave out on me.

Oh my Goddess, this girl's going to give me a heart attack!

Abigail Phillips


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