Chapter 6

***** Warning, bxb sex scene *****

Reid's POV

I wrap my arms around Sid laughing after he climbed off of Noah.

He turned around in my arms and looked at me. I watched as his eyes turned mischief before jumping into my arms, wrapping his arms and legs around me.

He quickly dove his face into my neck before sinking his fangs in.

Since he feeds from me so often it no longer hurts. Instead it's instant pleasure.

I moan as I feel the pleasure as it instantly starts coursing through my body. I grip him tighter then slap his ass as I struggle to control myself and not take him right here in front of everyone.

I quickly make my way to our bedroom and slam the door shut before thrusting him against the wall.

I moan when I feel his tongue as it brushes against my skin while he sucks and feeds from me

He whimpers as he rolls his hips, pressing his hard cock against mine.

I thrust my hips forward pressing my throbbing cock against his firmly. He retracts his fangs and gasp before leaning
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Debbie Proffer
That was hot ... just saying damn
goodnovel comment avatar
Debbie March
These books are really good, but with some serious editing they'll be great.

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