Chapter 7

Maddox's pov

I hold Addison's hand as we approach the gate. I look over and smile at her then give her hand a gentle squeeze as I noticed how nervous she looks. I can feel it through the bond how nervous she is as well.

"Don't worry love, everything's going to be okay."

I say trying to make her feel better.

We drive down the long drive before we come out of the dense tree line and I can see the pack house come into view in the distance. As we get closer I can see all the work that's been done. I can see new homes that have been built, I can see all the new flowers lining the drive as we get closer to the pack house.

The packhouse looks nothing like it did before. I can see the new siding, new roof and new edition on the left side. It almost looks as if they tore it down and put a new one up. All the new landscaping and flowers along the front. Off to the left is a giant park with new playground equipment for the pups.

I park in front of the pack house and turn the car off then t
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