Chapter 9

Matthew's POV

(Three days before Maddox came home,

The day of Isabel's birthday)

I parked the car then take a deep breath in before slowly letting it out.

I reach over and grab her birthday gift and the flowers. I get out of the car and run my hand down my shirt again making sure it's not wrinkly. I slipped the little box in my pants pocket then look at my reflection in the window trying to make sure my hair is not a mess. Goddess why am I so nervous!

My nerves are shot, my heart is pounding out of my chest, my hands are shaky and my palms are sweaty. I wipe my palms on my pants as I shift the flowers between hands.

I shake my head and take another deep breath in before slowly letting it out and begin to walk toward the side of the pack house where everyone is gathered for her birthday.

I take several steps away from the car and into the grass but stop when I see her sitting on a log near the fire. She looks sad from here and I can't help but wonder why. For some reason I get thi
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