Chapter 11

Matthew's POV

Tonight's the night of our full moon celebration. It's the first one I'll be spending with Izzy at home. I've spent a couple with her at her pack, but never here at my own back.

There's so many reasons why this full moon means so much to me. It's the first time having my mate home with me during the celebration, the first time during a full moon celebration she's going to be able to feel the full effect of the mate bond, this is a moment I've waited for my whole life it feels like. So needless to say I am beyond nervous.

I walk around nervously as I check everything, making sure everything's perfect and just right.

"How does everything look alpha?"

"Ah, every, everything looks great Miranda."

I said barely making eye contact with her as I nervously looked around at everything. I heard her giggle and it snapped me out of it as I finally look at her.

She puts her hand on my lower arm.

"Relax Alpha, she's going to love it."

She said giving me a gentle smile.

"Really do you t
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Marrie Mitipelo

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