Chapter 242 Eric

** Trigger warning! Torture Warning!**

Third person's POV

Xavier and Reid laugh as Eric screams, bloody murder. The sound of his screams and cries was music to their ears.

They both hear the loud noise his dick makes as it hits the inside of the metal garbage can.

"There, much better now! You don't have to worry about cleaning that anymore!"

Xavier says as he turns and sets the tools down on the tray.

Xavier hears the sound of the torch going. He's smirks when he looks over to see Reid heating up a piece of metal so he can cauterize the area where Eric's dick once was.

They don't want him to bleed out and died too quickly.

Eric screams and cries, begging and pleading as he watches Reid bring the extremely red hot piece of metal toward his body.

He screams at the top of his lungs as Reid presses it against the wound. The disgusting stench of skin burning fills the air.

Reid pulls the metal away.

"There, good as new!"

He says then places the metal back on the cart. Eric continues to cry,
Abigail Phillips


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Comments (6)
goodnovel comment avatar
He deserved every second of that
goodnovel comment avatar
Rachael Marie Annandale
I saw it coming, I think what Eric did was unforgivable, the fact that he was begging them to stop it when just like Julian and Xavier begged him to stop raping them just goes to show what comes around goes around, I think what they did was justified, but I never condone violence with Violence
goodnovel comment avatar
People do crazy things when they are angry, sad, lost, in pain. I believe that Xavier and Reid acted on these emotions justly. These actions are so out of character for them and I believe they will feel guilty once they think about what they did. They became the monster for a moment.

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